Board of Education meetings are held remotely on the first Tuesday of every month at 6pm. Meetings are open to the public. Check here or on our publicly shared calendar for the Zoom link and agenda. Next meeting, Tuesday, October 6th.

Board of Education meetings are held remotely but are open to the public. Click the link above for agenda, meeting documents and a link to the meeting.

At the June BOE virtual meeting the board recognized White Hart Inn Manager, Dan Winkley, and Kellogg School Class of 2020, along with their advisor, Amanda Spelbos, for their contributions to Kellogg School and Falls Village families. Dan Winkley headed up the White Hart Inn effort to provide lunches to Kellogg school children and their siblings during the shelter in place order (and continuing through the end of June). Kellogg 8th graders donated unclaimed proceeds from the cancelled Lasagna Dinner to the Falls Village Food Pantry, totaling $835. Click here to read the board's letter of gratitude to Mr. Winkley. Click here to read the board's letter to Miss Spelbos and the Class of 2020.

BOE honors former member James March at the March 4th meeting

BOE Chair Pat Mechare and former member James March. Jim was recognized by the Board at the March 4th meeting for his service to Kellogg School. Click here to read the full text

BOE recognizes winners of the CABE Leadership Award 2019

BOE recognizes co-winners of the 2019 CABE Leadership Award, Libby Menniges and Mackenzie Corkins.

Would you like to know more about the work of the Board? Agendas, minutes and meeting documents are public. Click on the calendar entry for any upcoming or previous BOE meeting to find a link to the relevant documents. Don't see what you're looking for? Give the school a call, we'll be happy to help.

Canaan BOE Members

Patricia Mechare, Chair

Adam Sher, Vice Chair

Theresa Graney, Treasurer

Tanya Golden, Secretary

Maria Bulson, Member