Connecticut State law requires all students entering sixth grade to have a physical examination. All required health assessments and immunizations are the responsibility of the student’s parent or guardian. The exam includes hemoglobin, which consists of a finger prick, a chronic disease assessment, height, weight, blood pressure check, screenings for hearing, vision, speech, gross dental, and postural screening. Postural screening is done to detect any abnormalities in the curvature of the spine. A second MMR (Measles, Mumps, & Rubella) vaccine and proof of the Chickenpox (Varicella) Disease (may be proved by a lab test or vaccine too), may be necessary if the child does not already have them on record.

According to new guidelines for tuberculosis control screening, we are assessing students at risk of exposure to tuberculosis. Attached to the CT Health Assessment Record is a questionnaire that must be completed by the parent/guardian, so the physician can determine if your child is at a high risk to tuberculosis. If it is determined that your child is at high risk, the attending physician may do a tuberculin skin test and develop an appropriate management plan if the test is positive. After reviewing all the information, your physician must check the appropriate box in the section labeled, TB: “In the high risk group?” on the CT Health Assessment Record. Please forward the questionnaire with the CT Health Assessment Record to keep on file in your child’s Cumulative Health Record.

A parent or guardian must fill out the front of the CT Health Assessment Record and your physician will fill out the back. Please return the forms to me as soon as they are completed. This physical will also meet the state’s requirement for sports too. Health Assessments completed within one calendar year of grade 6 will be accepted by the school system if the physical on file meets Connecticut state guidelines. Please call with any concerns at 824-5067.

Updated Immunization requirements for newly enrolled students at Connecticut schools are listed below the Immunization Record section of the CT Health Assessment Form provided by the Connecticut Department of Education.