8th Grade Homework

8th Grade 
Do states have the right to secede? (1/19)
Prepare your statement for our Bulletin Board: We do our part to make the world a better place.  Submit in writing on Friday, along with the photo and/or image you create to represent yourself. (1/16)

Brainstorm ideas for creating your image and statement for our bulletin board project: "We do our part to make the world a better place." (1/10)

What role did continued U.S. expansion play in the Civil War? (12/20)

Use the feedback, rubric and poetry checklist to revise your poems and resubmit all papers including your revisions by Friday. (1/9)

Use the rubric and poem revision checklist shared on google classroom to guide your completion of a poem(s) demonstrating your understanding of slavery past and present. Due 12/20 (12/6)

Finish reading and annotating the article about global slave labor. Check out the slavery footprint website to learn more. (12/5)

What factors supported the institution of slavery? (11/17)

What do you know about human trafficking today? (12/1)

In what ways was CT involved in slavery?  Read, highlight and annotate the article.  Come to class ready to share your discoveries with your peers. (11/28)

What arguments might a supporter of slavery use to justify the practice? (11/22)

What information from the Burn's documentary of U.S. slavery surprised you? (11/21)

Ponder: How could one person enslave another? (11/14)

Discuss permission slip and ask for a decision and signature. (11/8)

Assessment Tuesday: I can map features key to understanding the physical and political geography of the 13 original colonies.  I can compare and contrast the geography and economies of the English colonial regions. (11/7)

Review your notes regarding possible geographic connections to the causes of the U.S. Civil War. (11/6)

Big investment day tomorrow.  Are you ready to make the best economic decisions  in each colonial region? (11/1)

Complete the Colonial regions ID review sheet by simply writing the initials of the region in front of its description (10/31)

Come ready to learn more about the economies of the various colonial regions so that you can make wise investments as we strive to uncover what role geography may have played in the U.S. Civil War. (10/27)

Complete the Colonial America map by Friday, and the Civil War map by Monday. (10/26)What do you know about the United State's civil war? (10/20)

You led or listened to a conversation today about members of the NFL protesting ongoing systemic racism in the U.S. by kneeling during the national anthem.  Reflect: What new understandings of various viewpoints did you acquire?  Was there any common ground? (10/19)

Final Version of Race in America essay with marked up draft(s), rubric, and revision checklist/directions due AT THE START of class Thursday 19. (10/17)

Race in America essay new due date: Monday by noon. Printed!! With rubric filled out. (10/12)

Be ready to take advantage of a peer review of your essay on Thursday.  Printed or handwritten essays due at start of class Friday. (10/10)

If you have not finalized your essay plan, do so before class tomorrow. Drafts should be near completion by the end of the period Friday. (10/5)

Review your plan for your essay. 

Come ready to draft your essay articulating your current understanding of the historic roots of racism in America and its consequences.  (10/4)

Come ready to draft your essay articulating your current understanding of the historic roots of racism in America and its consequences.  Collect your articles, responses and chosen quotes. (10/3)

Finish your responses to the questions about the article, "Breeding the 'Fittest'". (9/27)

Finish your responses to the questions about "the Science of Race. (9/26)

If you haven't finished reading "The Science of Race" do so and answer at least question 1. (9/20)

Finish your responses to the 6 questions about the essay, "Inventing Black and White". (9/15)

Tell someone what you are learning about the relationship between stereotypes, prejudice and discrimination. (9/12)

Write a paragraph interpreting the images and symbols in your chosen political cartoon.  What is the artist's message?  How does this cartoon relate to the events in Charlottesville, VA this last August?  What are your opinions regarding the ideas expressed by the cartoonist? (9/6)

Review your notes, summary and recall of  classmates' ideas to prepare for class share out on Charlottesville tomorrow.((9/5)

Finish the summary of the news article you read in class today.  Include salient points, new understandings and lingering questions. (8/31)

Tell someone about the class norms we dev
eloped today. (8/29)