7th Grade Homework

7th Grade  
Current assignments above line.  Running list below. 

10/10 Use the study tips that work best for you to prepare for the European political map assessment #2 on October 16.

10/3 Map assessment on the countries of Europe on the main peninsulas October 10.  The rest of the countries on October 16.  Check out the fun new digital map games on my learning links.

10/2 Use mnemonic devices, digital tools and other strategies to learn the names and locations of the nations of Europe.

CONTEST OPTION.  Visit the Veterans of Foreign War 
website for information on the patriotism essay.

10/1 Impress someone at home with your ability to list the countries of Europe.

9/25 European country physical geography TEN CLUES due Thursday.
Use the checklist as your guide to success.

 9/18 Use the digital and journal-based study tools to prepare for the physical features of Europe assessment on the 25th.

 9/12 Come ready to create a more detailed mental map of Europe at the start of class tomorrow.

9/7 Show someone at home the 6 major peninsulas of Europe.  How many countries can you name for each?