5th and 6th Grade Homwork

5/6 Grades​ 
Current assignments above line.  Running list below. 
12/7  How is your mental map of Africa progressing?

12/5 Create a visual showing the major habitats of Africa.  The visual should show the relative size of each habitat as well as the type of flora and fauna, and human activity that could be found in each.

12/4  Tell someone about your impressions of life in Ghana.

11/30  Tell someone how truth is like a baobab tree.

11/29 What power does language have? What is bias? How might media impact our thinking? 

11/28 Ask yourself: How are my images of Africa shifting? What sources of information are most reliable? Least?

11/19 Tell someone at home about our trade simulation.

11/14 Collect and/or record 10 "Made In ____" labels. Respond to the four question. Due Friday

11/13 Complete your brief written summary on how to use a map scale to measure distances on a map or globe.  Then read it aloud to a grown-up at home.  Are your instructions clear? 

11/8 Where is your stuff made? How far does it travel?  Why is it made there?

What map projection would you recommend that teachers purchase for their classroom? What makes this particular projection the best for promoting geographic literacy? REVISED paragraph due Monday.

11/2 Tell someone about the variety of map projections you analyzed today.  Which would be the best for a large classroom map?

10/25 Show someone at home how to use an alphanumeric and/or latitude and longitude grid to find a location.

10/16 Use the study tips pasted in your assignment notebook to prepare for Friday's assessment on the seasons. Bring your BLANK assessment back to class on Friday.

10/12 Explain to a grown up how the tilt of the earth and its orbit around the sun create the seasons.  Ask him/her to sign your paper globe model as evidence of your explanation.

10/10 Tell someone at home how the movement of the earth in relation to the sun makes night and day and the seasons.  Can you use the terms axis, rotation, tilt, orbit and revolution accurately?

10/3 Review your assessment responses and feedback.  If you demonstrated basic proficiency, what concepts challenged your understanding?  What next steps will you make progress and when will you demonstrate this? What learning targets have you already met?  Write Ms. Lake a short note describing your plan.   ALL STUDENTS SHOULD RETURN ASSESSMENTS. Due Thursday

10/1  Make a list of all the study strategies and learning tools you can use to master challenging material. 

9/25 Use the World Geography Basics blank assessment and your journal notes as your study guides to success for this Friday's summative assessment. Remember to BRING THE BLANK ASSESSMENT BACK TO SCHOOL on Friday to complete in class.

9/20 Complete the climate and latitude review questions glued in your journal.

9/18 Illustrate the earth's flora, fauna and human activities for each the earth's three major latitudinal climate zones.

9/13 Hemispheres Review. Read the short paragraph. Color code the 4 hemispheres. Then answer the 4 questions. 

​9/7 Share your continents and oceans assessment performance with an adult at home.  If needed, use the study guide to ready yourself to complete the assessment correctly on Tuesday.