Theme Units and Learning Expeditions 2014-2015

Theme units are in-depth studies in science, social studies, language arts and health.  During these studies we try to integrate curriculum to help our students see the interconnectedness between subjects and to provide a meaningful context for skill development.  Over your child’s three-year cycle with us, he/she will receive instruction in all the kindergarten, first and second grade State Standards in science and social studies.

Our theme units and learning expeditions for 2014-2015 are as follows:

* Friendship - How are we the same? How are we different?  During this theme we will be working to create classroom rules as part of the Social Studies Frameworks.

* In Living Color - The overall  theme of the expedition will be how color plays an important role in nature and in our day to day  lives. Our first case study will explore various cycles in nature:  butterfly metamorphosis, trees and their seasonal cycle and photosynthesis. Our second case study will look at color through an arts lens, experimenting with shades and various pigments of color within the context of skin color and the color of various physical features and how they help to distinguish us from one another.  Lastly, we will explore the emotional implications of various colors.

* Adaptive Features of Local Animals:  Natural History of Animals in Falls Village - This expedition will take place in reading and writing workshops as a way to explore nonfiction reading and writing.