School Readiness Tips

Here are some suggestions for activities you can do with your child to help develop fine motor, visual spatial and eye-hand coordination readiness skills. 

* put together simple puzzles
* color in coloring books with crayons -- show your child what is meant by staying in the lines
* trace using plastic or cardboard stencils
* use scissors to cut simple pictures and shapes
* play with play-dough or clay; encourage your child to roll pieces into balls, make animals, etc.
* do simple dot-to-dots, mazes, color by number
* hang up papers or other items with squeeze clothespins or squeeze clothespins around a coffee can
* sort objects (buttons, toys, beads, money, etc.)
* use tweezers to pick up small objects and place them in a bowl
* string macaroni, beads, etc.
* use a needle with thread to pick up Cheerios
* sand his/her name off a scrap piece paper sandpaper or other raised texture finger paint
* scribble or draw on a piece of paper over sandpaper or other raised texture finger paint
* enjoy arts and crafts --i.e. weaving loom, stringing macaroni, etc.
* play with games and toys that have Velcro
* play games --i.e. Pick Up Sticks, Etch-a Sketch, Perfection, Memory, Tic-Tac-Toe, Checkers, etc.
* encourage less TV/computer time and more physical activity (gross motor precedes fine motor development)