Science Family Night 2013

Date:  Thursday May 2, 2013

Time:  6:30pm – 8:00pm

Location:  Mahoney-Hewat Science & Technology Center at Housatonic Valley Regional High School

This year, Kellogg School's big science event is a Science Family Night specially designed to provide our Kindergarten through fourth grade students, parents and community members with a glimpse of some amazing science activities and experiments. 

Middle school students will be stationed at different experimental setups and will"guide" their audiences through an experiment, beginning with a problem, then developing a prediction of what will happen, and collecting data or observations during the experiment.  The audience, with the middle school student's help, will then explain the outcome. 

Most of the experiments are called "discrepant events," meaning the outcome is surprising or unexpected so people often enjoy the "magic" of the event and , after gaining new understanding following the experiment, truly walk away feeling they've learned something new. 

Please mark your calendars for May 2 and we hope you can join us that evening for a fun (and educational) Science Family Night.

Files for Middle School Students:

Informational Sheet - Science Family Night.pdf

Scoring Rubric - Science Family Night Rubric.pdf
Generic Presentation Outline - Science Family Night Outline.pdf