Board of Education

Patricia Mechare, Chair*
Karen Lindquist, Vice Chair
Jim March, Secretary/Treasurer
Adam Sher, Member
Theresa Graney, Member

*The Board Chair also participates in a committee (All Boards Chair Committee, or "ABC") that reports to the Region One Board on matters concerning shared services among the six K-8 schools in Region One.  Ms. Mechare also serves as Region One Representative

The Canaan Board of Education meets on the

first Tuesday of each month
(except for July and August) at 6:00 p.m.
All meetings are posted and open to the public unless noted as a limited executive session meeting. 

We will respond to all communications and/or refer you to the appropriate person.  Regular meetings include opportunities for public communications at the beginning and end of the meeting.  However, we encourage communications to happen at least eight days before the meeting so that we can add items to our agenda if necessary.  Otherwise, based on law and our policy, we may have to postpone discussing communications.  

"In partnership with staff, students, family and community, the mission of Lee H. Kellogg School is to foster high levels of academic achievement and continuous social growth for all students."