Welcome to Lee H. Kellogg School

   Kellogg!  It's a very special place. 
       At Kellogg, ev'rybody knows your face. 
       Together, people working side by side at Kellogg!
       Students learning new things ev'ry day
       From teachers who are here to show the way;
       Together building confidence and pride at Kellogg School.
       So give a cheer for Kellogg, lift your voices way up high!
       Cheer for Kellogg, come and shout it to the sky!
       And then tomorrow, when it's time to say, "So long!"
       Remember there's a place where you belong:
       You'll always be a part of Kellogg
       And Kellogg will be part of you.     
    - School song written by Barbara Collins 1999                       

The mission of Lee H. Kellogg School, in partnership with staff, students, families and community, is to foster high levels of academic achievement and continuous social development for all students. It takes all of our stakeholders to provide the quality education that can be found at Kellogg School. Again, welcome to our website.




  March 2015  
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